Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Wasteland may be, but this is rumoured to be the site for the Ashton Centre Metro stop. From memory there were some flats here, but they were knocked down a year or two back.

This site is on Wellington Road next to the bus station. Across the road from Gala Bingo.


  1. Yes they were demolished,and all the people were moved to a new build,just behind albion mill,opposite the memorial gardens

  2. Oh yea, I know it. Didn't realise that's where they'd been moved to. I guess the council must defiantly have there eyes on this site.

  3. For 5 years I trekked through there on the way to the railway station to catch my train to Manchester Exchange or Victoria Station.
    Those were the days

  4. Ha! I took a similar photo a couple of weeks ago. A good job I haven't posted it yet or you'd be even more annoyed at me! Maybe I'll use it later on, if I get stuck.

    The new flats at the back of the Albion School are well built - take a look at them - the brickwork is designed to go really well with the Albion School itself.

  5. Post whatever you like Martin, I wont be annoyed!
    I did notice that an attempt to match the Albion had been made. Nice to see that the architect made the effort.