Saturday, 31 October 2009

Animal Farm

Spent the week in Hepworth looking after my girlfriends cousins farm (as you do!). It's not a full working farm, but there are chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs. Actually the girlfriend did all the work as she's the trustworthy one. But I did make great friends with Maggie the young Alsatian. She followed me everywhere. We played football, until the ball died a grizzly death. Good fun.


  1. I've been in one of these converted barns.

  2. Ah yea. Looks something like where I stayed.

  3. I worked in one 50 years ago near Jodrel Bank,the exterior had been totally retained(no work at all)The only part done was the arched doorway.All the beams were exposed with drywall in between(actually rustic plaster)It takes a good one to do anything other than rustic plaster.I've worked bad ones.Come to think of it I've never met a good one