Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Glory of the Garden

Glory of the Garden, by Paul Margetts.
The date on the sculpture tells us that it was finished on 1.3.1994

This fascinating sculpture sits in the ornamental gardens in front of the impressive and very blue Asherton House.


  1. I stumbled on this about a year ago - put some photos up on Geograph - couldn't find out much about them though - it seems typical TMBC that they find the cash to build these things but don't seem to be able to maintain them well.

  2. I remember it a few years ago,when it was very overgrown,and people got mugged at nights. I used to live on northumberland av then,and when walking to the town centre,we used to walk through there,the kids used to call it the yellow brick road,with its needled stacked undergrowth! Thank god,its all been cut back now !