Thursday, 27 March 2008

Denmark, Brabrand

Manchester M60

People ask me why I have no car. So here are a couple of photos from 2004. This is what I did early one rainy morning going west on the M60. The motorway signs said, ‘Slow down, rain’. I didn’t. Well I did after spinning round three times, hitting the central barrier, once going forwards, once going backwards and coming to a halt pointing the wrong way in the fast lane. The last thing the car did was to limp off to the hard shoulder with the wheels smoking and dashboard panel informing me I had a defective bulb.
This car was never driven again.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Denmark, Aarhus, Frederiksgade

I have to thank Jesper for this high quality mobile phone photo that I stole off his facebook account without asking him.
Dennis (Denmark), Mike (England), Chris (South Africa).
Photo taken in our favourite pub. Tir na nog. Gaelic for ‘Land of eternal Youth’.