Saturday, 10 October 2009

How not to tile

OK. So here we are.
On the right, we have my first attempt. This tile fits round the sink perfectly, if I turn it over.

On the left is my second attempt, which fits round the sink the right way up.

I was going to smash the first one in anger when I saw my stupidity. But then realised I could use it as a template for version two!

And finally, here is the tile in place.
(Think calm thoughts, calm thoughts ...)


  1. Great work
    Seems I'm not the only one to get unglued while tiling floors

  2. And did you carry on with the tiling on Friday night when you stopped in?

  3. With my experience at that sort of cut I would have opted to move the sink up.

  4. Glad it isn't just me that get's mad with inanimate objects.

    Did no tiling Friday night. I'd had enough by then! Did some gentle HTML coding. Much more relaxing.

    Couldn’t move the sink top. It's tiled in!

  5. i would have taken one look and called someone in.