Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tameside Hippodrome Theatre

Now, where was I, oh yes. Tameside Hippodrome Theatre. Here it is next to the Theatre Tavern.

Tameside Theatre closed on 30th March 2008. I went a couple of times. Once to see a Pink Floyd tribute band and once to ... no, I've only been once I think. Not sure now.

Anyway, looks like it's going to be bulldozed.

See here and here.


  1. To me it's still the 'Robin Hood' and the 'ABC Cinema' same as when my mum always used to call it 'The Empire'.

    Tameside announced a month ago it was likely to be demolished because there were no buyers BUT apparently in the last couple of weeks it's been given Grade II Listed building status.

    Still means a buyers got to be found but for now it's saved from demolition (until it just falls apart and becomes unsafe)

  2. Here's a proper listed building.

    The Califirnia in San Bernardino