Monday, 19 October 2009

Modern transport. M60

When the M60 opened in October 2000, I jumped in the car and drove all the way round. 35 miles.

Well I've not had a car for a few years now, and indeed the M60 claimed my car in a fury of rain, burnt rubber and multiple visits to the central barrier. See here.
But I still find the motorway an impressive piece of civil engineering.

This is the view clockwise from Lumb Lane, looking towards junction 23, the turn off for Ashton.


  1. Cor blimey mate.
    That was some accident

  2. I also took photos of the motorway last week, but you have got in first with yours to pay me back for the statues!

    Yes, the motorway is an impressive feature. A pity they cut through the old Hollinwood Branch Canal. It's going to cost a few bob to put it back!

  3. Ian - Crashed the car just before the Ashton turn off. Some where in this photo no doubt. Didn't live in Ashton at the time. But the car ended up in Walpole's(?) garage here. That's the last I ever saw of it :-(

    Martin - We should co-ordinate our efforts! (only joking)
    My father was involved with the Huddersfield Canal society. He was the chairman for a few years. Much involved with re-building the canal through Littleborough and Standedge Tunnel.
    He had a couple of narrow boats over the years, moored at Preston Brook and we all used to go for weeks holidays on them round the Cheshire Ring, Llangollen etc. So I know a thing or two about the difficulty and cost of re-opening canals.

  4. Don't know what happened, but I put a comment on yesterday about the bike.
    Did it get there or has it been deleted?

  5. Sorry Jaywit, it never made it here. Post again, I'll look out for it.

  6. The comments were about the bike,it looks a bit expensive but I can't sus out the gears?
    I have a Specialized (not cheap) but I put it on the back of the car and don't want it stolen so I've covered all the logo's up with duct tape,I don't know if I'm paranoid but I lock the saddle up with both wheels and frame to the towing hitch of the car.

  7. You can never have too many locks! I could go through all the times I've had bikes, or parts of bikes stolen, but let's just say loads!
    This one is just a commuter bike, it has eight gears. Bit unusual as it's an internal hub change mechanism and drum breaks front and back. Actually this is one of two identical bikes I have. Got them from Halfords, costing around £400. They work very well, are reliable, and unaffected by rain, but are difficult to fix if they do go wrong.