Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dukinfield - River Tame

Down on the River Tame by Rock Terrace on Park Road.

Someone told me Shaw's Brewery was alive and well and somewhere on Park Road.
Took a look, but I couldn't find it.


  1. I Like these pictures of the Tame

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  2. The address gievn on the Quaffale website is:
    Shaw's Brewery
    The Old Stables
    Park Works
    Park Road
    SK16 5LX

  3. Here is a bird's eye view from Bing.

    Bing Maps

  4. You have to walk further along Park Road than that! It's past the Tame Valley pub and just before the next houses on the right.

  5. Shaws Brewery is on Park Road, but it is directly behind Windsor Fabrications. They manufacturer all sorts of stuff out of Polypropelene including brewery kit. You cannot see from the road that Shaws brewery is there.
    I believe the MD of Windsor half owns the brewery. It is a 5 barrel plant.

  6. Windsor Fabrications as a company has sadly been liquidated recently, don't know if this has had an effect on the continuing business of Shaw's Brewery?