Friday, 14 August 2009

Oldham, Springhead

The Front House on Oldham Road, Springhead.

I'd like to show you the inside of this much nicer pub, but from the small picture, you can tell the photographic standards drop somewhat after a while.


  1. Much better Calvers, now that's a beautiful looking pub. I really do miss the quaint pubs of England. We have one close by called the Fox and Hounds Country Inn which is really a restaurant, sadly. The bar is so tiny but how it came to be is really interesting. "A HIGHLY successful hairdresser in the southeast England city of Eastbourne in Sussex, Ian Thurston always harboured a desire to own a pub – perhaps a result of having lived in one for many years.

    It was also the result of a passion for English pub memorabilia collected over time.

    So much so that when he discovered the Sussex Arms in Tunbridge Wells was to be demolished in 1984, he arranged with the owner to buy the contents lock, stock and barrel.

    They were shipped to Australia and placed in storage along with Ian’s many other bits and pieces, awaiting the day when he could use them in a place of his own.

    That day arrived in March last year, five years after having acquired his land.

    Then, as owner-builder and with his sister Rosina Povey as a partner, he built his pub on a corner of Tamborine-Oxenford Road."

  2. Oh Guiness
    here's one I had

  3. Thanks for the info Linda. Very interesting.

    Ian, that's not my Guinness, I'm a lager drinker only.

  4. Lovely picture, Calvers. However, the pedant in me wishes to point out that it is in Springhead, rather than Lees! (T'other side of County End, you see, so originally in Yorkshire!)

  5. Yes, I should have known that, you're right. I've altered it to say Springhead now. Thanks Martin.