Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton Canal

Local artwork.

This on the M60 bridge as it crosses the Ashton Canal.

Tameside District Assemblies have a zero tolerance policy on graffiti. With the Probation Service they are removing it. Announced under: Zero tolerance to Graffiti.

They missed a bit.


  1. aha - I was up at the Fire Station a while back and took some photos while I was there including one of the graffiti artists at work - see

    I also took a close-up of them but haven't published that one!

  2. Hey Gerald, where you link is on the picture is where out graffiti artists usually write.
    It makes you ask yourself "How did they do that?"

  3. I hate to be picky, but that is not actually the M60 that crosses that bridge, but the un-named link road between Guide Bridge and Ashton Moss that gives access to the M60.

    The motorway itself crosses the canal at the other end of the nearby boatyard, and forms a bit of a tunnel, what with having 6 lanes, 2 slip roads and 2 hard shoulders.


  4. Oh I'm a bad blogger... I should check my facts before chucking them at the internet. :-(

  5. What would we do without Martin. The smell in this tunnel is not very pleasent either.