Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ashton-under-Lyne, The Point

The Point @ St. Michael's.

On instructions of the joint administrators - For Sale - part complete apartment scheme.

What a shame. As I live in an apartment round the corner from The Point, I've been watching it develop from an abandoned building, don't know what it used to be, into new apartments. Well, it looks like it never quite made it. The recession no doubt. From the outside it looks almost finished, but I guess the inside is a different story.


  1. Before the Job Centre was opened in the town centre it used to be the The Labour Exchange.

  2. When I was taking some photos in the area recently I was told by the policeman, who was waiting in his car for a stolen car that was coming this way, that it was formerly the Magistrates Courts.

  3. One side was the Job center the other was where the County Court sat. The old Magistrates court was on Manchester Road and shared with the Cop Shop.

  4. it has now been completed by the banks who owned it when the company went bust. i have been informed that the keys will be released next week to a local letting agentand will have a price of up to 600 pounds a week been done up to good speck im informed