Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A sculpture

What a laze blogger.

There was a placard below it, but I didn’t read it. Thought I’d get lots of better pictures. I didn’t. So, it’s just a sculpture.
My English teacher, Mrs P Schofield of Uppermill Secondary Modern, would have written, “Must do better”. And she’d be right.
Taken in the square infront of the station, again.

Ronald Rae

O. Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast

Handcarved Scottish granite


Inspired by a poem by Robert Burns

‘O, wert thou in the cauld blast

On yonder lea, on yonder lea

My plaidie to the angry airt,

I’d shelter thee, I’d shelter thee,

Or did Misfortune’s bitter storms

Around thee blow around thee blaw,

Thy birld should be my bosom,

To share in a’ to share it a’

Purchased by the Commission for the New Towns


Well, I think that’s what it say’s.


  1. Would be interested to know the story behind it, if there is one. Strange but I like it:)

  2. I've kinda got into the habit of taking close-ups of the plaques so I can read them later but I don't always. And sometimes there isn't one which adds to the mystery.

  3. There was for this one. I'll go back and get the details. Consider myself rebuked.