Thursday, 17 June 2010


On the road again!


  1. Hi Calvers - last time I looked on here things had ground to a halt in May - you've certainly made up for lost time this month :>]

    Has the bicycle changed, as well as the location? (bike anorak alert: looking at the disk brakes opposed the the Subway 8s roller brakes in an earlier post)

  2. Ha ha! Well spotted Ian. I love the Subway 8, hub bike, I fact I have two identical ones. But I cannot find bike shops that know how to fix them. Certainly not Halfords (where I bought them). The Halfords in Oldham destroyed the gear change mechanism on one of them and then accused me of talking it to the shop in that condition (I’d cycled it there from Ashton!) So, I’ve reluctantly decided to move away from them. I still have one, the other I’m using as spares. That one lives in Ashton. The one in the latest pictures, lives in Milton Keynes. Currently I’m flitting between the two places. (On the train, it’s a long way)