Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Ashton bikes

Carrera Subway 8.
Only one still working, the other being cannibalise slowly, as Halfords are far too useless to fix them, even though they sold them to me.


  1. Shame one of them is relegated to donor bike status Calvers.

    You mentioned the gear change being the problem in a previous post - I take you mean at the hub?

  2. Yea. I cycled up to Oldham for Halfords to fit a new back tyre (cause it's difficult to remove and re-fit the back wheel - Ashton Halfords could not do it). But Oldhan broke the rear hub, then said I'd done it before I cycled there! I refused to pay them and limped it back home stuck in top gear, and occationally jamming up, but it's now had it. I've given up on Halfords.

  3. Oh eck.

    I've read of many similar experiences on the web re Halfords bike mechanics!

    Have you thought about having a go at fixing it yourself? (Sheldon Brown to the rescue - http://www.sheldonbrown.com/nexus8/index.htm )

  4. That is a brilliant site.
    I’ll have a good ponder over it later on. Although I suspect laziness will eventually get the better of me.