Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cycle to work

Been watching some of the cycle videos that have been posted on some of the cycle blogs. Don’t know why, but they fascinate me, way beyond their actual visual content would merit. So I thought I’d try doing one. Now I don’t have a cycling camera, but my trusty Kodak V705 does have a video option. I don’t use that much, but duct taped it to the front of my bike and cycled into work, and back again. It was taken today, a Sunday, so I didn’t actually go into the office, but it’s my regular journey.
Click: Cycle to work.
Click: Cycle to home.


  1. I enjoyed that , the latter part of your journey will be so much nicer in summer, but so will your insect ingestion !

  2. "Job done" heheh, I enjoyed them too Calvers.

    I've always been given the impression that MK was all concrete jungle, but it looks nice from those vids.

    Have you seen this blog (& post)?

  3. I’d not see that Ian. Perhaps I should do a piece on the Red Ways. They are good, but could have been so much better.
    MK does have green bits for sure, but they are so managed that they all feel like the grass outside the office. No fun.