Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wheelers Brunch

So the first Wheels Brunch arranged by LC at naturallycyclingmanchester went well. About 20 people showed up for breakfast in Odder Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester.
Nice to meet some of the other Cycling Bloggers. We didn’t just chant about nerdy cycling things and cameras, oh no. We talker about ... OK, there was a lot of cycling chat to be honest.

Some of us struggled to find it. Me included. But is there any wonder. Can you find it in the shot below. Well I guess you can, but that sign is not jumping out at me along side all the other neon lights of Metropolis Manchester.

So here is the cycle rack, amply packed with ‘Wheelers Brunch’ bikes.


  1. hey that's my bike on the far left :D

  2. :D next time before we all head off, I will get a group bike photo!! Hopefully it won't be so freezing as yesterday...

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  4. was but LC, a blue sky is always welcome ;>D

    Hey I can see an ominous basket & the back of a Wimmins' bike back there, but no stand - just a well place tree!

    Calvers, have your ears recovered after the gig?

  5. Didn't get to the gig, I was still too hungover from the Friday night to face beers, so wimped out. :-(