Friday, 19 March 2010


Well, a slow and hesitant return to the blog world.

The gods have been conspiring against me.

My broadband connection is still a month off being restored, so I’m using one of those very slow, intermittent, expensive mobile dongles.

My old laptop died a couple of days after getting home from my contract in Norwich. It did fall off the pannier on my bike while on the train back to Ashton, I thought I’d got away with it, but apparently I didn’t.

My new laptop is all well and good, but the old one died with my picture manipulating software still on it. And no, I don’t have it backed up. And also I cannot get back to the original copy as sadly that route was closed to me some years back.

Anyway, some snaps from my days in Norwich where I was working for Aviva.

This is where I stayed in Norwich, very handy as it was just across the road from work.

And this the grand front entrance to work - Aviva (Norwich Union as was).

The old Norwich Union clock.

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