Thursday, 25 March 2010

Disused Vicarage

This is house in the grounds of St.Peters Church.
1 Stockport Road. It’s the disused vicarage.

There is a sign on it telling us that planning permission has been sought to extend it and turn it into offices. Well it’s better than leaving it derelict. Of course the style of the house never did fit in with the church. I’m surprised that planning permission was ever granted. Hopefully the people who are redeveloping it (St Peter Partnership) will do something to help it fit in with the old church. I wont hold my breath though.


  1. I had a good look around this last week on a bike ride. It really is a shame looks a lovely big house. Was going to post with a church shot too. Oh well welcome back only ust noticed lol

  2. Think I may have cycled past you on the Fallowfield loop the other day. But only thought it might have been you when I saw your blog from there later the same day.

  3. It is a bit of an eyesore all boarded up like that especially compared to the church - hope they find a proper use for it.