Saturday, 19 March 2011

Every day scene.

I don’t have a camera yet here in Aarhus, Denmark. Just my dodgy mobile phone camera, which will have to do for now. Also I don’t have a broadband connection, so I’m very limited on what I can post. I have a favourite cafe that does Wi-Fi so I get one hour to do everything I need to online. One hour is not enough! I’ll do a piece on the Danish cycling infrastructure when I’m more sorted out, but it’s far and away better than the UK. Bikes have right-of-way on roundabouts. Cars actually stop on the roundabout and let you trundle round to your desired turn off. Also bike lanes running along side a main road have right-of-way over traffic turning off/on the main road. A bike lane in the UK would have a row of dashes across it indicating that you should give way. Again, here cars actually stop and wait for you to pass by, before turning off the main road. Try that too often in Manchester and you’d get squashed.
Oh, hours up, must dash...


  1. looks like the fair sex at it again!!!
    parking,that is.

  2. Ha! yea, they are girls bike arn't they. Unlike the UK, most Danish bikes have kick stands, so a strong wind will blow over a rack of them as they are not chained up. They just have the back wheel locked.