Friday, 16 April 2010

Colliers Arms

I cycled up to Hartshead Pike and passed the old Colliers Arms pub. The conversion of the attached barn into a house is now complete. It’s looking mighty fine.

There are some details carved into the lintels above the doors.

On the x-pub it reads ‘The Old Colliers’ 1730 and on the x-barn it reads ‘Colliers Barn’ 2009

Also seen here is what they looked like in early 2009 when the barn was at the start of it’s conversion.


  1. Went in this pub in about 1987 it really needed a lot doing to it, it was fun by a little old man who looked like
    And sounded like the actor More Marriot from O Mr Porter it had the smallest bar I've ever seen in my life just a
    Doors width and one lounge with a naked light bulb no shade! The piano had most of the keys missing and one tiny
    Fire it was winter and it was freezing cold the cattle in the barn kept banging and brushing against the wall!