Saturday, 14 November 2009

Big Brother

Took the picture below in the Ladysmith shopping centre, but was spotted on the security cameras. They sent a security guard to stop me. You can't take photo's in here as it's a security risk, I was told. Anyway, turns out the security guard had seen this blog, and he also knows Oldham 100. So I got off lightly with just a telling off!
Later on, just to get my own back, I stood in front of another security camera and photographed it as they watched me.

Might keep a low profile now for a while... see ya!


  1. The world is going mad ! ps , just being pedantic,but the pic is inside the arcades,not the ladysmith centre,thats where Boots is :-)

  2. What's the world coming to.
    I was in Cartagena Columbia wanting to take a picture from a vantage point, only to be told it was not recommended for a personal safety issue.
    Needless to say I took it anyway.

  3. I know they spoke with me too when I was in there, however they were very nice about it and I assured them that I was not taking and pictures.

    Shopping Malls are usually private property so it's up to them as to whether photography is allowed or not.

    I can't believe that in your picture is the spot my house stood in 1955-7

  4. Arcades? Ladysmith??
    Which is which pray tell

  5. The Arcades is The shopping centre from the Bus station,built in the early 90's I believe.
    The ladysmith centre has been there a lot longer,with Boots,Mothercare (now gone!) ect.
    You can walk through the Ladysmith Centre,cross the walkway,by the side of the Beau Geste,and enter the Arcades.

  6. Post made on Hyde Daily Blog:

    Oh dear not you as well Gerald. Seems like many of my favourite blogs are taking a well deserved rest♥ Put your feet up Gerald, Tom and Calvers. You all do such a marvelleous job of providing us with wonderful photographs and stories, it brings a little of home into my world so far away♥ Warmest thanks and wishes to you all. Linda