Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Ashton-under-Lyne, bike

Ah! Well, they didn’t get me!


  1. oh for crissakes, in my town they welcome bikes and even built little metal loops so you can tie your steed.

    Typical Tameside mentality.

  2. Yes, you'd have though with the planet going to hell, Ashton Council would actually have a sign encouraging people to use bikes and chain them to these convenient railings next to the market. But no, they actually employ pretend Plods to fine cyclists £30 a go, if they dare to cycle slowly through this hallowed space. I know I've been stopped twice. Still, so long as the Mayer can park his stretch Scorpio here, all is well.

  3. Yes, this is really encouraging cycling!

    Why would you want to chain your bike up there anyway, when the council has kindly provided convenient & safe bike stands hidden away next to the TSB or on Camp St carpark.

    If they fined me, the first thing I'd do is trip over the 2ft high statue of the miner (Wood St I think) and ring claims direct.

    Well done for being a rebel ;>D