Thursday, 16 April 2009

Manchester, Urbis

The Urbis centre on the left, and the Printworks on the right.
Urbis contains various interesting exhibitions and photographic works. My favourite is the photographic exhibition of Manchester by Andrew Brooks.
The Printworks has many restaurants and pubs along with an Imax screen and a Hard Rock Café. Certainly worth a look. My favourite is the Irish bar, Waxy O'Connor's.


  1. My first full time job was in Spring Gardens and my last job was in St. Mary's Parsonage (behind Deansgate) Despite all the changes, I still think Manchester is a great City although when I worked there I couldn't wait to move on. Silly girl!!!

  2. St. Mary's Parsonage. Wasn't T&N was it Linda?

  3. I worked for National Vulcan Engineering Insurance in the National Building. The National Building was sold and the grand old building is now luxury apartments. At least it wasn't demolished, unlike many of the buildings in Spring Gardens. Looking forward to another trip down memory lane when I visit Manchester. Three weeks to go but who's counting!! Cheers. Linda