Friday, 13 February 2009

Tameside, Colliers Arms

Anyone remember the Colliers Arms next to Hartshead Pike?
Well it changed to a private house a couple of years back, and it looks like it’s changing again.
This is what we see now.


  1. Only pub that would allow my cantancarous grandfather to drink in.One wild and wet night my future wife had been up to the pike in the car for a snog,on the way back down he was walking to catch the last bus from Mossley.He didn't know me until I told him who I was.He also made the Reporter one week by being pinned to a wall by the wind on the same road.

  2. I also have happy memories of The Colliers. I did stroll into their private room once, pint in hand, they didn’t bother. We had a chat and then they pointed out that I might be more comfortable in the public part.
    I’ve been trying to find (and get permission) to use some old photos of how it used to look, not managed it just yet.

  3. Did you get your beer through a hatch? Was the outside toilet a board with a hole in it? :)

  4. Beer through a hatch, yes. Can't remember the other thing.

  5. Wow amazing.
    Here's what it looked like when I was there


  6. Yes, big changes. It's almost finished now, so I gonna go back and photo it again soon.