Sunday, 8 May 2011

classic cars

Next weekend the is a classic car race on some closed public roads in Aarhus. They are already showing some of the cars in the courtyard by the Cathedral.


  1. It's actually cool to see legal races on the road! It's even cooler if classic cars were competing! Their engines, especially if restored, produce the best sounds ever! Hehe... How was the race, btw?

    Laurence Modithre

  2. Racing was interesting. They don't want to smash up their cars, but as you say, the noise of some of these Classics was amazing.

  3. Well, it's understandable that the drivers were careful. Getting a scratch on one of those vehicles is like chipping a statue in an art gallery. All that work in restoring the car gets wasted.

    It's great that they get to move the cars around, though. Cars, no matter how old they are, look best when they're on the move.