Saturday, 11 December 2010


Christmas doesn’t start for me until I’ve had a glass of Gluhwein from the German Christmas market.

Camera work not the best as the first pic shows. It’s a random shot from out of The Mitre window showing the pub across the road, Sinclair’s Oyster Bar. Behind it is the Arndale Centre with M&S on the right.

Second pic shows punters selecting their Gluhwein (warm German mulled wine laced with sugar) actually very nice, but one mug of that is enough for me. A switch back to Euro fizz Lager is soon required.


  1. Sinclairs is my idea of heaven !

  2. Didn't get in there this time, but I usually look in for a swift one when I'm in the city centre.

  3. Haven't managed to get down to the markets yet this year. Love the atmosphere (and beer) (and food) (burp)