Sunday, 5 September 2010

BriSCA F1 Stockcar World Final

Weekend away at Coventry for the Stock Car World final. Excellent racing, and my guy won, Andy Smith, so I was happy. Some pictures here are of current BriSCA F1 stock cars and some are of the Heritage (old) stock cars.

Modern Stock Cars, they are mostly powered by large American Chevy V8 engines these days. Awesome machines.

These are the Heritage Stock Cars, and they were powered by whatever was the biggest engine in the scrap yard that week!

Notice this one has six wheels! It was actually banned from stock car racing when it first appeared on track over three decades ago, but still runs out in the Heritage event. Actually it won it’s race.

Incase you think you might have seen one or two of these old cars recently, well you have. Some of them featured on the recent Audi advert.

Back to today’s cars. Here’s the rolling lap before they set off next time round. All further photos after this were a blurred mess and ended up on the cutting room floor!


  1. I can still hear the V8s thundering around Odsall stadium lol - went a few times about 15/16 years ago.

    Andy Smith rings a bell - did he used to be sponsored by Swarfega or something similar years ago?

  2. Don’t remember the Swarfega sponsorship, but it’s possible and he certainly did race at Odsall. I watched him there many a time. His dad, Stu Smith 391 was the famous one back then. Now it’s Andy’s turn, also number 391 (currently number 1 as he’s the world champ). But there is another Stuart Smith racing these days 390, Andy’s brother. They’re both top drivers.

  3. Hia
    Annie an Andy Smith(not)fan here,well someone has to be!..I remember an F1 car that had 'Swarfega' written on the side at Bradford Ian. No idea who he was. We all had a laugh cos the mens hands were clean but their faces were still dirty. Good night at Coventry although Kings Lynn gets my vote for a World Final Venue.

  4. Calvers - I bet it's the same fella because my mate who took me there mentioned the guy being another drivers son. His car at the time was either dark blue or purple with the hand cleaner logo (poss wasn't swarfega) in bright orange.

    Annie - weren't they all caked in it at Bradford! Went to Buxton a few times too, but enjoyed watching them race on shale far more.

    Calvers - the guy I went there with, I was mates with at college. Last time we were in touch he was racing an F2. I saw him crash at Buxton - his arm was exposed to getting walloped but they left the race going which was a bit heart in mouth!? His missus was livid! Hope it's better marshalled now.