Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Prince of Orange

The Prince of Orange, seen through a clutter of orange street furniture.

I did use this pub as a handy place for meeting people off the bus. The volume of the 1950's karaoke in here is outrageous and so I no longer use it.
I lived in Dublin for three years and there they had stricter laws on sound levels in pubs/clubs. The system used was truly excellent. They had a small traffic light system up on the wall for all to see.

Noise OK - Green
Loud - Yellow
Over limit - Red

Now bands could peek into the red (set at 75 decibels) but if they persistently did this, all power to the stage was cut dead. What a grand cheer this always brought! 10 seconds of relief from the wall of sound. Bands/DJ's soon learned to respect the rules.
I'd love that system in the UK.


  1. They do use this system in the UK.They put it in the hillgate,where i used to DJ,but its only wired into one socket,so all you need to get round it is an extension lead :-)

  2. Modern technology - wondrous!
    Sorry, I said,

  3. They should have this system nationwide. It would help persons with sensory impairments (therefore great for pub-goers on the autism spectrum).